A demon is a malevolent type of supernatural entity, specifically a fallen angel.

Nature Edit

Demons are ugly, malign spirits, who were once beautiful, benevolent angels. They were banished from heaven for aligning with Lucifer against God. It is implied they still have their wings though. They feed off of negativity and fear. They are after the souls of humans, and invisibly fight against angels in pursuit of them. They can only enter a house through a portal and invitation.

Powers Edit

Basic Edit

  • Invisibility - As spirits, demons are naturally invisible to humans. They can reveal their true forms if they wish.
  • Possession - As spirits, demons can forcibly possess humans, controlling the thoughts and actions of the individual.
    • Mass possession - Multiple demons can possess the same person simultaneously.
  • Super strength - As spirits, demons possess super strength, and to a higher degree than human spirits.

Advanced Edit

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Levitation

Weaknesses Edit

  • Angels - Higher angels can overpower lesser demons.
  • Exorcism - Demons can be expelled from an object, home, or person. However, if the individual is too weak in will or if the demon is too strong, the exorcism won't work.

Known demons Edit